Making a Successful Debt Collection Call

Making debt collection calls is one of the most undesirable jobs in any business. Many people feel uncomfortable with the process and tasking employees with chasing defaulters can decrease motivation. There are some tips from Paul Mackenzie debt consultancy to help make this process easier.

The first step is to be ready to listen to excuses. It is a good idea to make a list of common debtor excuses followed by effective answers. Effective answers for excuses help to stay on track with the main purpose of the call.

Have the facts handy before making the call. This includes the terms of sale, amount of money owed, services or products purchased and payment due dates. The whole point of contacting the client is to get a commitment for payment. Calling them back will likely result in starting the process over.

Know who you are dealing with. This helps to gauge the willingness or ability of the client to pay the money they owe. This involves finding out their payment history. Check if they usually pay on time, if the client has a habit of defaulting or late payments and their overall track record of payments. Lastly, speak authoritatively and professionally for a better chance of getting a positive result.

Ultimately, even the most well thought phone calls may not result in the desired results. Paul Mackenzie has all the resources, experience and skills to get debtors to commit to a payment. It is often best to let the experts handle your debt collection.


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