What is the procedure to kick start collection of overdue debts?

When business is cash strapped and the number of unpaid debts starts piling oftentimes the owners will lose morale. Some eventually close shop while others look for more money from other sources. It can be a very tiresome struggle and many give up and is the reason many business entities fold soon after opening. If this is widely accepted why does the trend persist?

At Paul Mackenzie debt consultancy we have over an 8 year period risen from a one man show to a firm with in excess of 200 employees. This rapid growth has arisen from our passion to provide fast and efficient service and a niche in the industry. That being said it would appear this trend has persisted due t the lack of a suitable solution.

Paul Mackenzie debt consultancy: Collection Order

The company is not just popular but constantly reinvents means to collect quickly and improve debtor and supplier relations. It takes a lot of effort and appropriate communication (legal documents) in good time.

We often handle and manage debt collection using collection orders. These are used to alert debtors of some overdue payment or to release/submit some documentation that will allow an overdue transaction be to be settled. The collection order is very useful and is often followed with periodic reminders all of which can serve as legal basis for further action.


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