Why Paul Mackenzie Debt Collection Process Will Always Be Efficient

The debt collection process can be sensitive and risky. But not when you have a team of trusted professionals helping you with every aspect of debt collection. There are many reasons why Paul Mackenzie and his team are among the most reputable debt collectors in the region.

Experience and skill

Paul’s Portfolio has a long list of previous clients who are ready to recommend the expert. He has worked with globally recognized banks and financial institutions in the region. Being a former CEO of Mackenzie Hall, Paul brings a lot of expertise in the area of debt collection.

Respect and fairness

It’s very important to handle debtors with caution bearing in mind that they have consumer rights that must be safeguarded. Paul Mackenzie Debt Consultancy conducts the collection process with fairness and honesty, to help maintain the relationships a business has with its customers.

Professional advice

Paul and his team take it upon themselves to assist debtors get out of debt. They do this by helping them work out a suitable repayment plan that is appropriate for their financial situation. The debt collectors assess the individual’s income, ability to repay debt on time and type of debt when coming up with a repayment plan.


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