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Our Duty toward the Debtor: Paul Mackenzie Debt Consultancy

Debt collection is a business that is legitimate and therefore when you are contacted by a debt collector, it doesn’t necessarily imply that you have entered into an abusive relationship. Paul Mackenzie debt collection agency collects delinquent debts ranging from medical debt, credit card debt, vehicle loan, business debt, personal loan debt, student loan debt as well as cell phone bills and unpaid utility. We are an honest consultancy founded in 2007 and based on integrity and honesty. We will work with you in creating a plan to assist you in repaying your debt, whether in full or in monthly installments or even at a reduced settlement.

One thing you need to consider is the statute of limitations under which your debt may fall under. For debts that are difficult to collect, we may negotiate settlements with consumers for an amount that is less than what the consumer owes. In some instances, we may be compelled to file a lawsuit against debtors who have absconded payment. If this is the case, it is advisable for a debtor to consult a lawyer for guidance and to avoid heavier penalties imposed on you.


Defining a Collection Order

A collection order is a document type where an attempt is made to promote a payment tendering or information deliverance of specific kind is done. The document’s specific purpose determines whether the document focuses on the urging of balances payment past due, or be some pending action notice that will be required so as to complete an order or fully settle a transaction. While most times a collection order is associated with a debt collection attempt, the term could also be used in reference to internal documents that different companies prepare and which are used in the transfer of information inside a financial or any other institution type.
When the collection order is written as a letter, the document text will usually advise the debtor that required payment on an account that is open is past due, and will proceed to  advice the debtor make the necessary payment. Paul Mackenzie debt consultancy often uses this type of collection order where the outstanding invoices is past a specific number of days after the issue, and will issue reminder orders after 45, 60, and 90 days consequent to the first issue. The collection orders exact content varies and depends on the time elapsed since receiving of the last payment made by the debtor to the creditor.

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Why Paul Mackenzie Debt Collection Process Will Always Be Efficient

The debt collection process can be sensitive and risky. But not when you have a team of trusted professionals helping you with every aspect of debt collection. There are many reasons why Paul Mackenzie and his team are among the most reputable debt collectors in the region.

Experience and skill

Paul’s Portfolio has a long list of previous clients who are ready to recommend the expert. He has worked with globally recognized banks and financial institutions in the region. Being a former CEO of Mackenzie Hall, Paul brings a lot of expertise in the area of debt collection.

Respect and fairness

It’s very important to handle debtors with caution bearing in mind that they have consumer rights that must be safeguarded. Paul Mackenzie Debt Consultancy conducts the collection process with fairness and honesty, to help maintain the relationships a business has with its customers.

Professional advice

Paul and his team take it upon themselves to assist debtors get out of debt. They do this by helping them work out a suitable repayment plan that is appropriate for their financial situation. The debt collectors assess the individual’s income, ability to repay debt on time and type of debt when coming up with a repayment plan.